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Secret Bookstore is famous for its conversations. We are currently only holding pop-up events due to the pandemic, but are intending to establish a permanent address.


But we know too that conversations, even in the best bookstore, can be random or spontaneous, so we created something more definite with Morphkey.


Morphkey is a community for talking with others about music, film, books, and more, where you can search by interest and then schedule an audio call with another person who shares them. In order to start a good conversation we chose some of the most interesting questions where even one sentence is enough to start a conversation:

You’ve just made the winning bid at an auction to take lessons from any living expert. What would you want to learn, and who would you want to teach you?

When you think of one of your favorite meals, what was it that made it so special? Was the meal at a restaurant, at someone’s home, at a sidewalk street vendor, in another country, or in your car?

Imagine you have a 500 square foot room to make into a personal retreat. What kind of room would you create? What would you use it for? (art studio, workout room, arcade)

There are many questions for each interest, and questions for the Books category include one's high point reading experiences, one's favorite genres, and many others questions across different categories like Architecture, Liteature, Food, Art, Film, Photography, and more.

We will be announcing in person pop-up events via our newsletter and on The LA Book Scavenger Hunt website.

Photo: During the pandemic Maistre's Voyage Around My Room was very popular!